Work From Home and Play Rock Band All Day

I swear to god – my hair is unbrushed, my voice is horse and I see neon lines, dots and progressive colored bars when I close my eyes. Oh, yes – I love to Rock and like many people out there I have been playing RockBand hardcore since ChristmasThe only difference between me and them is I work from home. What that means is I hop on the computer for a couple hours, and then I’m off to play again. I pause and unpause all day. I know it can’t be healthy, but it feels so damn good.It’s not just video games though, I can do anything and go anywhere I want – whenever I want.And I’ll tell you what – you don’t need a great education to do what I do.Just type “work from home” or “network marketing” into Google. I doubt the IQ’s here are stumbling off the charts.Anyway, as a fellow gamer I know you have a certain mindset that can either set you free, or keep you stuck under a manger the rest of your days.Screw the latter, right?Here are some simple steps to get started toward a life of real freedomStep 1. Get rid of your self defeating attitude and know that you can make money working for yourself – Now anytime you hear those little voices in your head that knock you down and tell you that you can’t have whatever you want, picture the color orange covering you head – It even works when just think the word “orange”. Whatever, I know it works, try it!Step 2. Your obviously gonna need a computer, I know you dark elves and Shamans have one already…
Anyway , this is your base of operations, even if your still in school you can make money if you have a computer.Step 3. Find other people that are making serious cash online, and just copy what they do. Most times they give you- in less then 5 steps – copy and paste simple – everything they do. If you do find a good money making system, make sure you sign up under someone that is going to give you all of these things:- at least 8 prewritten emails for you to send out to people- a prewritten opt-in page- make sure they provide a call center, that means you get your own sales person to call people and sell them for you- a list of places to advertise that work- and a bunch of prewritten ads to put thereAll you have to do, and I stress all because you have to do every step they tell you! They put a lot of money into developing and testing a system that works.Check it out on YouTube in just a minute, I’m almost done…There are people making more then 60,000 a month from home, and we are talking about young guys driving around in hot cars – used to make me sick seriously.Til I just copied what they did! I mean they give you permission to copy all their material word for word.I cannot stress how important it is to just go through the steps they give you, all of them – this is no brainer money guy and girls. I had so much trouble personally, with these home based business things, until I realized that the most important part is signing up under someone who creates everything for you.Anyway, Check that stuff out, just surf around with the slightly new perspective on your brain. Let me know if you think its a good idea to create a blog for gamers that are ready to work from home. You can email me through this page, I’ll check it a couple times a week.Keep an eye out for more of my articles, and a good game to you!

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