Bill Maher Quotes On Health And Fitness

Bill Maher is a polarizing figure: You either love him and hang on his every word, or you absolutely despise him and would love nothing more than to erase him from the face of the Earth.On his HBO show, Real Time with Bill Maher, he frequently does a bit known as “New Rules” where he challenges the status quo and sounds off on things he thinks need to change — with little regard for political correctness or public opinion.In one of his recent “New Rules” segments, he set his sights on America’s health and fitness. And while he certainly isn’t the poster child for a perfectly healthy lifestyle, he made some incredible points that are near impossible to disagree with:New Rule: If you believe you need to take all the pills the pharmaceutical industry says you do, then you’re already on drugs….We won’t stop being sick until we stop making ourselves sick. Because there is a point where even the most universal government health program can’t help you. They can’t outlaw unhealthy food or alcohol or cigarettes. Just pot, sadly.Because, you see, the government isn’t your nanny. They’re your dealer. And they subsidize illness in America. They have to. There’s too much money in it. … Fifty years ago, children didn’t even get Type 2 Diabetes. Now, it’s an emerging epidemic. As are a long list of ailments which used to be rare, and have now been “mainstreamed.”Things like asthma and autism and acid reflux, and arthritis, allergies, adult acne, attention deficit disorder. And that’s just the “A’s.” …In Hillary Clinton’s health plan, the words “nutrition” and “exercise” appear once. The word “drugs” 14 times. Just as the pharmaceutical companies want it. You know, their ad weasels love to say, “When diet and exercise fail…” Well, diet and exercise don’t fail. A fact brought home last week by a new Duke University study that showed exercise – yes, exercise – is just as effective a cure for depression as Paxil and Zoloft.So ask your doctor if getting off your ass is right for you!You know, if Republicans can sell the idea of preemptive war, Democrats have to at least get us interested in the idea of preventive medicine. Someone has to stand up and say that the answer isn’t another pill. The answer is spinach. Okay, not spinach. Turns out that crap’ll kill you. But you know what I mean!What do you think of these Bill Maher quotes? Can you disagree with any of his statements?

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Top 5 Digital Photography Tips

With the advancements that have been made over the years to digital cameras one would think that it’s a given that the better your camera the better the pictures automatically and all you have to do is press the button for great pictures. Then we woke up, it would be great if the pictures took themselves and didn’t require anything extra from us, for now we need to learn how to take great pictures.You are able to take some great photos with a simple point and click camera, and at the same time it is possible to take some dreadful pictures with a top of the line digital SLR as well. The camera alone doesn’t make the beautiful photos, it’s the photographer. By tweaking a few things here and there it is possible to get some amazing photos out of an affordable $100 digital camera. To help you with those tweaks, here’s a few digital photography tips that will guide you to take photos like a professional.1. Warm Tones
Do you ever notice sometimes your shots come out having a cool, clammy feel to them? Don’t worry you’re not alone. Most cameras default white balance setting is set to “auto”, which for most pictures is completely fine. If you’re shooting outdoor sunny landscapes, change your white bal setting to “cloudy”. You may be wondering why change it to cloudy if your taking a sunny picture, cloudy setting is like putting a warming filter on your camera. The red and yellow tones are increased, resulting in richer warmer pictures.2. Polarized Filter
A polarized filter is a filter that every photographer should carry in their arsenal, for shooting landscapes and all around general outdoor shooting. The polarized lens will reduce glare and unwanted reflections, resulting in richer shots. The problem here is that not all cameras have the ability to add additional attachments on to them. Well a little ingenuity goes a long way here. If you have a pair of quality sunglasses, simply hold them as close to your camera lens as possible. Use your LCD viewfinder to ensure you don’t have a sunglass border showing around your shot.3. Outdoor Portraits That Shine
Controlling your flash so that it works when you want it to not when your camera thinks that it needs it is a secret to taking great outdoor photos. If you keep your flash on, the camera exposes the background first, then adds enough flash to illuminate your portrait subject.4. Macro Mode
Macro mode, or close up mode, is a fascinating option on the camera that allows you to explore the world in finer detail. It’s like when you were a kid and you’d get down on your hands and knees and stare into the lawn. Everything looked completely different and more intricate down there. A simple flower from a distance, looks completely different up close. Try it out, you’ll be amazed at some of the images that you’ll capture.5. Horizontal Line
LCD’s have made picture taking a lot more convenient, but at the same time they have reaked havoc on some great portraits. How you may be asking, well what happens is that your camera’s optics allow distortion in when trying to render broad panoramas on a tiny two inch screen. What happens is you’ll be looking at your subject with your naked eye, but when you look at it on your screen everything appears to be bowing inward. There is not a magic secret that will fix this problem for you, the best advice that I can give to you would be to take a few shots at slightly different angles, also use your view finder instead of the LCD screen. By taking a few different shots at different angles, when you get home surely you’ll have at least one image that comes out straight.With the advancements in the past few years in digital camera technology, even most consumer point and click models, have the capabilities to take some gorgeous masterpieces. By being creative and having a little know how you can can take some great shots.

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What’s Your Fashion Lifestyle?

We’ve all been accused at one point or another of being a fake, weirdo, loud or high maintenance; generally, a poser. Some of us learn to ignore these harsh words and embrace ourselves as we are, but others have given up and became slaves to every passing trend.NO MORE HIDING! For too long we have been confined and shut down by our peers. Embrace the lifestyle that suits you, the one YOU want to live. Mix up a few, if you want, as long as you’re being yourself and not just what’s socially acceptable!Take the power out of those words that used to hurt our feelings and promote style over fashion. What others called a fashion faux pas you can reveal to the world as your own unique style. Whether you identify with one of the six Lifestyles below or you’re a fusion of one or more depending on your mood.Now choose Your Lifestyle and by all means don’t limit yourself!Alternative – You aren’t on the edge you are the edge. If you like skinny, skinny jeans, thick shoes, ripped pieces, chains, zippers, skulls, chokers, loud hair colors and your eyelashes as dark as the shadows then rock on until your enemies are gone. Embrace the Alternative Lifestyle!Bohemian – You are a free Spirit and like everything easy, breezy, unconventional, wild, and exotic, with effortless beauty. If this describes your wardrobe and life motto then you are loving the non-conformist Bohemian Lifestyle – Peace, Love and Fashion!Classic – The Classic style is the foundation of all your fashion. If you like stylish A-Line skirts, the sexy little black dress and appreciate the elegant style of tailored clothes then your lifestyle is definitely C-L-A-S-S-I-C.Glamour – You’re always ready for a photo op because you’re constantly dressed to impress. Your wardrobe is not complete without the finest accessories and a little sparkle (or maybe a lot) and if you refer to all your favorite designers by their first name then, no doubt, you are living the Glamorous Lifestyle.Urban – You are catwalking the streets of the concrete jungle! You like to keep your style a little bit sporty showing the boys that you don’t have to be formal to be beautiful. Your style defines your own unique personality and street smarts with a touch of trendy fashion and hip-hop influence then you’re rocking the Urban Lifestyle.Vintage – It’s like you walked straight out of a black and white film searching for those awesome fashion from days gone past – 50′s Rockabilly, 70′s Go-Go skirt, 60′s Beatniks – the Vintage Lifestyle is your niche and you wear it well!Embrace your style and be free! But whatever you do… BE Ostentatious, BE Bold, BE a Limited Edition!

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