Lifestyle Changes Can Have a Lasting Effect On Us

Lifestyle changes can have a lasting effect on us, and change is one of the things we seem to encounter the most. The initial change we experience is our birth into this universe and from there we go through various cycles. As children, we seem to flourish on change as we investigate our world. As we age and become settled down emotionally, we tend to desire details to remain the same. We discover a comfort zone that is loaded with voids, and we set out to determine what is missing in our lives. With each change, we learn and grow, discovering who we are and what we need. We bring about some changes, and some seem to come our way without our agreement. The latter changes we conceive are the most discouraging, but the lifestyle change itself is what affects us.

With each change, we feel obligated to adapt to our circumstances. We somehow sense or believe that it will simply take becoming accustomed to the new puppy, for example. We must change our lifestyle and the way we invest our time and money, rather than conform. This also applies to a new baby, entering college, a different occupation and more. Change is something that we thrive for and sometimes regret too. Without it, we would become bored, and live uneventful lives. Therefore, as we set out to decrease the voids that we sense in every fiber of our being, we add stress to our lives. Good stress is still stress, and the pressure is the demand to change our lifestyle.

Sometimes change seems outside of our control.

I know of a person who is seventy-four years old and her husband is suffering from dementia. The changes that she must implement when it comes to his well-being are quite more than an adaption. She must now thicken his fluids and puree his food and there are many issues that she contends with daily. This is a complete lifestyle change for her; bless her heart she is managing well, for the most part. The frustration of these changes is the direct result of her decision to care for him at home. Therefore, you see; it is actually within her control, even though she sometimes feels forced. As she tries to adapt to this new lifestyle, she experiences the pressures of the demand to change.

If we try to adapt rather than change, resentment and regret grab hold of us.

There is a significant difference in changing and adapting. When we change according to our circumstances, we are doing what we desire, even though it is difficult. When we attempt to adapt, we feel invaded and forced to live up to what we think other people expect of us. Adapting is something that animals are very good at, but we have a strong need to control. This need to control our lives is what enables us to change and enjoy the changes that we implement. We have the ability to make decisions and change our lives accordingly and willingly. Living with our decisions challenges us and denying that we made those decisions does cause resentment. If we try to adapt, we might, in time regret the decision we made that caused the demand of a lifestyle change.

Get prepared for change and look forward to all that life is offering, because it is inevitable! Recognize that you are changing daily, and that you truly are doing more than adjusting to life. You are living life and what a wonderful journey it is. Discover the joy of living in an ever-changing world and experience life as you explore your world. Soon, you will realize that the void you perceive is nothing more than a desire to love unconditionally.

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Making Money Online by Uploading Videos

Are you tired of struggling hard to find ways of earning money online with less efforts? Do you wish to make money online with some fun?

How about making money with your videos? Yes you can earn money online just by submitting your videos! Sounds great?

But Before starting on with this work from home without investment technique you should first create your account on PAYPAL and ALERTPAY, as most sites will pay you via them.

What you have to do?

To earn through this opportunity you just need a video camera, some creative ideas and few techniques. Not to worry if you don’t have a video camera…if you have some knowledge about computers and internet you can use screen recorders to record your screen activity and share it with others. You can get a free screen recorder like I use Camstudio, it’s free. Everyone of us are fond of viewing videos on YouTube and Metacafe these days. All you have to do is try to make an entertaining, exciting, interesting or tutorial videos…if you possess some special skills and you want to share them with others then this is the best way. TEACH OTHERS AND EARN MONEY.

How does it works?

Millions of people visit these video hosting sites each day and if your video proves good enough you will probably get much visitors to it…the more visits your video gets the more chances of earning you will have. Every time someone watches your video you are getting money in your pocket.

What is the criterion for acceptance of my videos?

  • Make sure you hold full rights of your video which may mean getting permission from all the people that appear in it.
  • You are willing to give non-exclusive rights to your video. This means that the video hosting company can promote your video on their site as well as on any other media.
  • Videos should not contain adult,erotic,violent or hateful content. That means your videos should be suitable for all kinds of audiences.
  • Too short or too long videos may not qualify. So try to make your videos that run between 20 seconds and 6 minutes long(recommended)
  • Before submitting you videos, do maintain a backup of your video. These hosting companies cannot guarantee to return your videos.
  • Please do not submit videos that are not owned by you.

What if my video is not accepted? Don’t get discouraged if your video is not accepted. Try to reproduce your videos to meet the desired criteria. Watch videos of others and learn from them. Keep trying and your videos will be accepted hopefully.


Metacafe has a program called Metacafe Producer rewards program.

How much will I earn?

Metacafe pays you $5 for every thousand views of your video. Minimum payout is $100.

Feeling confused?

Is it really possible to get so many visitors to your video?

Yes it is! Metacafe have 1 million unique visitors every day watching 4 million videos every month. So if you have a good video you will surely get many visitors. Moreover Metacafe also offers a rating system. This means that viewers cab rare your video and the highly rated videos are promoted to the main page of the hosting site. Therefore you do not have to worry about promoting your video.

Try to upload videos that people actually want to watch. If you want to make more money from your videos, drive traffic to them using your social networking account, word of mouth, or use your blog if you have one to tell others about your videos.

YouTube – one of the biggest hosting companies of today’s time pays out money to people who have lots of views on their posted videos. so if you are big at posting videos this is a great news for you. Yes this is true! Now you can earn easy money online by posting videos on YouTube.

How to earn money on YouTube?

  • Firstly you need to create a free YouTube account.
  • Secondly you have to become familiar with how to upload videos and how to market your videos with relevant keywords, category selection and content.
  • Once you have uploaded a variety of videos go to your YouTube’s homepage and click on partnership under programs from here you can apply to become a partner. But wait YouTube will review your account, your no. of videos uploaded and how often you submit videos before accepting you as a partner. Hence it is important that you first create a good portfolio that has success in views before you apply in partnership program.
  • Now ads will be displayed on the side of your video and when someone clicks on it. YouTube will share earnings from these ads with you. This way many people have generated huge sums of earnings.

Break:Break. com is a big video sharing site. They pay their users for great content that may include videos, pictures and even small movies.

How much will I earn?

  • $25 for an original picture
  • $400 for an original video
  • $2000 for a small movie

Payment is made via PayPal.

However break. com has some drawbacks. One of which is you will only get paid when your picture/video/movie gets featured on Break. com’s homepage.

EXPERTVILLAGE(eHOW): Expertsvillage have joined ehow. com which is one of the biggest how-t-article and video resources. you can make money online by uploading your videos as well as articles here. Earnings are based on the no. of page views and ratings.

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Work From Home and Play Rock Band All Day

I swear to god – my hair is unbrushed, my voice is horse and I see neon lines, dots and progressive colored bars when I close my eyes. Oh, yes – I love to Rock and like many people out there I have been playing RockBand hardcore since ChristmasThe only difference between me and them is I work from home. What that means is I hop on the computer for a couple hours, and then I’m off to play again. I pause and unpause all day. I know it can’t be healthy, but it feels so damn good.It’s not just video games though, I can do anything and go anywhere I want – whenever I want.And I’ll tell you what – you don’t need a great education to do what I do.Just type “work from home” or “network marketing” into Google. I doubt the IQ’s here are stumbling off the charts.Anyway, as a fellow gamer I know you have a certain mindset that can either set you free, or keep you stuck under a manger the rest of your days.Screw the latter, right?Here are some simple steps to get started toward a life of real freedomStep 1. Get rid of your self defeating attitude and know that you can make money working for yourself – Now anytime you hear those little voices in your head that knock you down and tell you that you can’t have whatever you want, picture the color orange covering you head – It even works when just think the word “orange”. Whatever, I know it works, try it!Step 2. Your obviously gonna need a computer, I know you dark elves and Shamans have one already…
Anyway , this is your base of operations, even if your still in school you can make money if you have a computer.Step 3. Find other people that are making serious cash online, and just copy what they do. Most times they give you- in less then 5 steps – copy and paste simple – everything they do. If you do find a good money making system, make sure you sign up under someone that is going to give you all of these things:- at least 8 prewritten emails for you to send out to people- a prewritten opt-in page- make sure they provide a call center, that means you get your own sales person to call people and sell them for you- a list of places to advertise that work- and a bunch of prewritten ads to put thereAll you have to do, and I stress all because you have to do every step they tell you! They put a lot of money into developing and testing a system that works.Check it out on YouTube in just a minute, I’m almost done…There are people making more then 60,000 a month from home, and we are talking about young guys driving around in hot cars – used to make me sick seriously.Til I just copied what they did! I mean they give you permission to copy all their material word for word.I cannot stress how important it is to just go through the steps they give you, all of them – this is no brainer money guy and girls. I had so much trouble personally, with these home based business things, until I realized that the most important part is signing up under someone who creates everything for you.Anyway, Check that stuff out, just surf around with the slightly new perspective on your brain. Let me know if you think its a good idea to create a blog for gamers that are ready to work from home. You can email me through this page, I’ll check it a couple times a week.Keep an eye out for more of my articles, and a good game to you!

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